Talent Management Is Not an Option

Talentware is the result of 16 years of implementing Talent Management, Human Capital Management, and Payroll Solutions using Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, the HCM worldwide market leader.

During this long journey, a wealth of experience has been cultivated in processes, methodology, analytics, technology, hosting services, and business best practices.

Talentware is the outcome of this ideal combination of world-leading Talent Management software and mature Systems Integration and Talent Management consulting services, delivered as a cloud-based Talent Management, HCM and Payroll solution.

You'll recognize us through:

  • An open approach
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Embracing and driving innovation in Talent Management and technology
  • Agility and efficiency

Following our in-country approach to confidentiality and security of HR data, Talentware is fully hosted within Switzerland.